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Tax Preparation:


I consider tax preparation process as a following sequence of steps: Data collection - Preparation of a draft return - Review with a client - Final return - Approval by a client - Filing of a return.


All of the above steps can be done online, using the latest technology:


  • Client portal - all documents are securely stored and available 24/7

  • All paperwork can be executed electronically

  • Tax returns are filed using IRS eFile system

  • Even payments for services can be sent electronically at no charge to you



Accounting is a powerful way to communicate complex things in a digestible format. My goal is to make the financial communication easy, no matter what the purpose might be: providing external users (investors, banks etc.) with the financial statements, preparing a trail balance for the tax accounting or putting together management accounts to give the owners better visibility into business operations.


I firmly believe that accounting shall make sense to its end users. Starting with debit (abbreviated Dr., from the Latin debere) and credit (abbreviated Cr., from the Latin credere) which are simply accounting terms for "left" and "right" entries (not for "increase" or "decrease"). So, if you are debeting something - you are just making an entry on the left side of an account; why there are two sides for an account? - because its double-entry bookkeeping system, which German poet Goethe called "one of the finest discoveries of the human intellect".

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Tax planning:


I provide tax planning services which entail generating tax scenarios based on the predetermined assumptions. You as a client set up the assumptions and inputs for the tax planning.


My fees are based on the scope of work and are fixed. You can expect the delivery of the tax planning scenarios within 2 weeks after all inputs and payment for the services are received. 


So, if you haven't found the right answer yet - let's talk!

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